EPS150 Pre Grooved and Foiled 1.2m x 0

Lowboard – EPS250 Pre-grooved and foiled insulation 18mm with returns

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Product Description

Our Lowboard foiled insulation panels provide superior performance for heat retention whilst providing grooves that make securely fitting piping into the system a breeze. These panels additionally include radius return for installation that is made all the easier.

EPS250 Pre-grooved and foiled insulation 18mm with returns. Lowboard is a high-density polystyrene overlay type board, designed to incorporate underfloor heating pipes. Used predominantly in retro-fit scenarios, it has an exceptionally low overall height build-up at just 18mm (add to this the height of floor finish). Typically you would run a chipboard or cement-based board as a floating floor over the top of this system, and then the final floor finish on top of that. The system incorporates a 12mm UFH pipe which is set at 150mm spacings and the board size is 1.2m x 0.6m (0.72m2). The boards are foil-faced and the pipe runs are all grooved into the polystryene with radius returns at each end.

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